View Full Version : Default FREE SHIPPING for MILITARY (active or inactive) until the end of the month!!!

10-17-2011, 06:01 PM
I woke up today and just felt grateful for the country we live in. That I can do everything I do and it is thanks to the men and women who felt the call to serve us all.

I want to offer FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING. EVEN THE BIG STUFF. We'll actually be in the negative on some of it to be honest but it is fine, you serve us through Uncle Sam and at the same time Uncle Sam will allow me to write it off, lol!

If you are military who has ordered from us in the past, you know I do my best to hook you up, throw something in, etc... if I know you're military.

SO, here's how it works. Just e-mail me whatever you want to order and I'll paypal invoice you for the cost MINUS shipping.

It is on the honor system. I may ask you a question or two that I know will verify that you have served but I'm not going to ask for ID or any of that...

E-mail me directly at and I'll take care of you through the 31st of October (after that I'm at SEMA and it will just be too hard to keep track of it all but this gives you a couple pay days to get what you want)...

We can delay shipping items until you return or arrange something if you're overseas as well, we do that all the time...

Thanks guys and gals :usa: !!!