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10-24-2011, 06:15 PM
This is a little thread I wanted to start about our 2010 Camaro SS shop test bed. We have been slowly chipping away at this beast for the past year and a half. It has been a "when we have time" project. The owner of our shop bought Camaro in May of 2010 and it came into our shop with roughly 550 miles on the odometer.

The first thing we did was remove the TR6060 manual transmission and stuffed in a 4L80e. We wanted to pioneer this swap because the ongoing issues everyone is having with the 6L80e transmissions in these cars. We eventually got the 4L80e into the car and functioning. Then came the 9" idea. We picked up an DSS IRS 9" kit from our buddy Frank at The Driveshaft Shop ( It installed flawlessly. We also installed a complete tubular front k-member/subframe From Xtreme Innovations with Spohn's ( new forged aluminum front control arms. We contacted the great group over at Pfadt Racing ( and ordered their complete line of 5th gen Camaro products including their Drag Race coil over kit, rear Drag bar, solid subframe busings and camber kit. While all this was happening we were having an LS7 built. It is a wet sump, titanium rod, stock crank engine with Mahle forged pistons and ARP fasteners throughout. It is 12.4:1 compression with LME ported LS7 heads, Comp Cams 255/263 .632"/.632" 115LSA camshaft, Comp Trunion kit for the stock rocker bodies, Mezire electric water pump, a Wilson Billet bank crossover intake manifold that we plumbed with a Wilson Pro-Flow direct port nitrous kit (that has yet to be sprays. ETs and video below are all NA), Nick Williams provided the CNC'd billet 102mm throttle body, our friends at American Racing Headers ( ARH provided the beautiful 2" stainless long tubes, we fabricated the exhaust from 3" stainless back to a pair of Magnaflow stainless mufflers.

We then sent the car out for a full 8.50 certified chromoly cage with a chute mount. No creature comforts were compromised with the cage other than the back seat isn't very usable with the harness bar. We knew this wouldn't be the final build on this car. We were prepairing for MUCH more power later on.

You will also see in the pictures below that the car is rolling on a 17/15" Weld wheel and M&H tire combo. With Alumastars up front and Weld RTS rears with Champion beadlocks and 275/60/15 M&H Drag Radials. As far as we know we are the first to successfully complete a 15" rear wheel installation on a 5th gen Camaro. It was a very labor intensive job but the world of tire sizes and compounds that was opened up to us and the awesome reduction in 60ft was well worth it.

After running the car with the 4L80e and having very good results we pulled the transmission to have the converter loosend up a little bit. The car ran 10.87@128.70mph with a 1.59 60ft at the LSX Shootout in Indianapolis. While we were waiting on the converter we decided to see how well a 4L60e fit in the car. We are constantly making our 4L60e transmissions better so the boss decided we weren't putting the 4L80e back in the car. 4L60e transmissions are what we do best, we have had great luck with them in the Trail Blazer SS and Silverado SS, why not the 5th gen Camaro? He had Jason our automatic builder put together one of our Level 7 4L60e transmissions with one of our trans brakes along with a 4000rpm stall converter. The first pass off the trailer the car ran 10.47@131.61mph with a 1.461 60ft!!! Here is a video below.

Below are many pictures of the build process. The first 2 pictures are at our old ship and the rest are here at our new facility. The last few pictures are of the car as it sits today in front of our shop. There will be many more updates on this car. We are hoping to get it into the 9s all motor. Then we will hit it with about a 250hp shot of nitrous and see what happens from there. The engine is spec'd for nitrous so we are hoping for some awesome numbers. Keep an eye out and as any questions you would like.

Thanks very much for looking.


10-24-2011, 06:24 PM
Here are a few more pictures of the front suspension of the car.

Driveshaft Shop
10-28-2011, 05:22 PM
very nice, new building looks great too