View Full Version : Base 2002 fog light and headlight mod help

12-15-2011, 08:55 AM
I have an 02 Base model. I want to install factory fog lights into my car. I went and got a radio bezel with the fog light switch installed and plugged in the connector just to see if it works. It does. Now where would the wires be capped off at? I see there is no fog light relay or wires heading to the underhood block, so now what? Would I have to cut the wiring harness under the dash apart and trace the wires until I find something? OR are they in the harness somewhere, and I can just run wire from there down to where the fogs would be?!

Also I did the high/low beam mod and there is one wire in particular that is yellow coming of a small box under the dash on the driver side that has a small nut in the middle. (If I take this connector out, all power to the inside of the car is gone.) This wire keeps getting supper hot and almost melting. Burnt wires smell real bad lol. Any one else have this problem? I have 6k HIDs for low beams and regular bulbs for the highs.