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12-18-2011, 01:44 AM
Everything is OBO and add for shipping and obviously paypal fees. Need stuff for my LS 5.3 build too. hit me up with offers and trades ;)

I have a bunch of random tools in my garage that i want to get rid of. Cash talks. Will accept trades for LSX motor stuff and duck hunting stuff.

Craftsman metric and standard sockets:
-18mm-14mm and 12mm- 12pt 3/8" drive shallow sockets. (the 16mm is 6pt. with large laser engraved 16 on side of socket
-15mm deep well 6pt. 3/8 drive socket.
-13mm-9mm and 4mm- 6pt 1/4" drive shallow sockets.
-3/4"-3/8" 12pt 3/8" drive shallow sockets. (7pcs.)
-1/2"-5/32" 6pt 1/4" drive shallow sockets. (8pcs.)
-5/8" (spark plug) deep well 6pt. 3/8 drive socket.
Also, 1 random taiwan brand 1/2" 3/8" drive shallow socket.
20.00 for all of them.-sold
Radio shack Cold Heat, battery powered solder gun with new batteries.
5.00 .-sold
1 metal square with angle finder and another plastic square
5.00 for both.-sold
Craftsman torx tip screw drivers:
T25, T20, T15 AND T10
Skil multi tool screwdriver set:
3 different size phillips and 3 different size flat head attachments and a pick and small pry bar.
Tap and dies:
Taps- 4-36 and 4-40 with non ratcheting handle
Dies- M3x0.5, M4x0.7, M5x0.8, M6x1.0, M8x1.2, M10x1.5, M12x1.75 with non ratcheting handle.
Stanley 10 piece torx bit socket set:
3/8" drive- T30, T40, T45, T50, T55
1/4" drive- T8, T10, T20, T20, T25, T27
7pc. File set:
2 large 3 medium and 2 small files fine and coarse.
8 flathead different brands, sizes and lengths
6 phillips different brands, sizes and lengths. 2 of the screwdrivers can be both flat head and phillips, if you just flip the tip around. one is jewlers size and the other is normal.

Hickory Woodworking 16 pieces forstner bit set FBS-1016.
Sizes: 1/4"-2 1/8" in 1/8" increments

Dewalt 12V cordless drill with battery and charger.

Black and Decker Mouse palm sander and polisher.

Chevrolet bowtie toolbox (few scratches).

Craftsman router with table (table leg is broke on one side but, still works and could be fixed fairly easy).

New Heavy duty Hose reel (when i say heavy duty, it wieghs appx. 30 lbs.).

Craftsman 4.0hp 9gallon shop vac (needs new hose).

I also, have a bunch (appx.100) of these little bins. great for nuts and bolts etc. etc. 1.00 each