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01-20-2012, 03:31 PM
I just wanted to say thank you to Phil and everyone at Advanced Induction, they made a HUGE decision seem completely easy. When I first spoke to the guys at A.I. I had unported ls2 243's and an eps camshaft, after asking around and hounding the guys at A.I. they assured me that 799's were going to make the same power and I decided to accept a trade offer and received unported 799's and enough cash to make the deal work. I HAD NO PRESSURE FROM THEM to make the trade even though it would mean I would SPEND MORE MONEY with them and get an A.I. camshaft.

When choosing a camshaft with them they did not pressure me into a huge camshaft and really understood what I wanted out of the car. I feel like a couple other companies would've tried to push me for a bigger camshaft or one of their cams with a sick name and a cult following. My Specs were checked before shipment and the specs are almost dead on 226.1 234.1 .599 .599. Knowing that my cam specs are right was worth every penny. They were also very upfront about the porting program I chose and the spring options.

The whole process took longer than I was expecting. I believe it was because of the holidays and they let me know about the cams taking a little longer to come in.

The parts where shipped like nothing I have ever seen before. I think they used a whole roll of tape. Every seem was taped up, and the bottom and top came covered from corner to corner.

I HIGHLY recommend this company. You can get things cheaper someplace else buy you WON'T have an easier, friendlier and more knowledgeable experience.


I'll update this thread within the next couple of weeks with dyno numbers and video.

01-29-2012, 11:20 AM
Phil actually uses his head when spec'ing out a camshaft, unlike so many other shops who just throw something down on paper and say "hey that looks good people will buy it".

I spec all my own cams, but A.I. is my exclusive CNC porter for a reason. :thumb: