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01-21-2012, 11:30 AM
I just wanted to get a idea of what my car is realistically worth.

2001 triple black Trans Am convertible with automatic transmission. The car is a one owner and has always been garaged. Never any body damage or any paint work done. The paint is in good condition with no oxidation. The interior is perfect with the exception of the notorious cracks on both door panels and the upper part of the drivers seat. (It has a few cracks). The remainder of the interior looks new. The top is in good shape as well. It is the Trans Am, not the WS6, so 315 were produced in 2001 with an automatic. Tires are in 75% and wheels have no curb rash. The engine was removed and a Extremely reputable shop completely disassembled the engine, honed the block, cleaned it, sent to machine shop for cracks, checked the heads, installed new cam, main, rod bearings, rings, head bolts, etc. with a steel crank, and reassembled the engine. I have receipts to show. Besides that, the car is 100% stock. Nothing has ever been removed or no wires cut, or anything. Always maintained by the dealer with synthetic oil, and every part of the car is very tight. It was driven 80 miles each way to work for 8 years on the interstate, so the mileage is at 182,000. The car is adult owned and driven, and never has been raced. Realistically, the car looks like a 50,000 mile car.
Any indication of what this car is worth is greatly appreciated.

01-22-2012, 10:21 AM
Unfortunately the pictures didn't load for me (maybe it is my computer or someone else can chime in).
The mileage is still a killer no matter what was done. The rarity factor is moot (I have an '01 T/A vert too so I know first hand) for a high mileage car as well. Having the engine done and the car being mostly highway miles is good news but realistically you are still only looking at $8,000 tops on the best day. You would be extremely fortunate to get that as the price guides show values even less. Not many potential buyers will pay more than price guide values for any car with mileage approaching 200k miles. No matter how tight the car is, things just naturally break after 11 years and so many miles, and very few will appreciate the engine work done by paying a premium for it. You can always try to get $8,000 as it leaves room for negotiation. If no phone calls, then lower the price until you hit that sweet spot when the phone rings a few times, probably closer to $7,000 and keep your fingers crossed. You never know unless you try. Good luck!

01-22-2012, 11:40 AM
pictures dont work for me either, but when i was looking at trans ams ive seen that autos are a harder sell and that the higher milage does have a slight effect on pricing. I would think you could get between $5000-$6500 if the body and paint are in good shape.

01-22-2012, 04:22 PM
Thank you both for the input. I figured that the mileage would hurt it the worst. I have over $4,ooo in the engine, so I will probably end up keeping it. I have not seen another as clean as mine, and with a new engine, I wouldnt sell it for $7K......maybe $7500, but thats pushing it. I have to move to Savannah next week to build aircrafts for GulfStream. That will be a nice break-in trip. Thank you again for the input

01-23-2012, 08:49 AM
Savannah, great area and place to live except for that darn summer humidity :boiling:
Best of luck with your car and your career!