View Full Version : 1998 SS w/ Lingenfelter motor

02-10-2012, 03:38 PM
Just trying to see what its worth. I don't have pics on photobucket yet, but here is what I know about the car:

119k on odometer
5k on motor and clutch
50k on rearend

Motor is LS6 Lingenfelter motor w/ comp cam 54-448-11 11.5:1 compression pistons. Heads redone by lingenfelter as well
RAM 2 clutch
lowered all the way around
Magnaflow exhaust
fiberglass fully functional hood
LS2 timing chain
ls6 oil pump
Magnaflow exhaust
Hurst shifter
reprogrammed computer by lingenfelter, close but runs it rich
Corvette rims (chrome) with newer 295/45/17 DRs on it
Drilled slotted rotors and new brake pads.

Car is loud, fast and in pretty good condition. It has TTops and is silver with grey interior. Interior is in good condition minus the drivers seat is starting to show wear. I traded my monte for it but I can't keep this car either. Whats it worht ballpark? Thanks for any help guys!