View Full Version : lost the rocker panel....

02-12-2012, 07:17 PM
So I was driving into drill on Saturday morning..pretty nasty weather and of course the plows don't come out until 7ish or so(god forbid they have to get up early)..Driving on the highway and you can't really see the lanes, doing a 5 mph + under the speed limit doing just fine, when some rav4 wanders into my lane and doesnt even notice at was either hit her or try hitting the brakes..obviously went with number 2 lol

Lost control in a spin pretty much completely off too one side, then regained it, then it slightly started going to a side, and i ended up taking out a mile marker... Which ended up taking off my right side rocker planel completely, its cracked in half...Theres a small dent in the door, but my buddy who works and owns a body shop said they should be able to pull it no problem...

But yeah, the rocker panel is destroyed, does anyone know of a good place to get one? I know there are some used parts databases online but don't really know of any..I know car-part, but they only have 1 and its for an LT...GM parts direct wants 800 dollars+shipping for it, which just sounds rediculous when you consider the ones for the LT you can get for 130 or so. I called 1 junk yard that was still open and they have nothing..