View Full Version : Remote mount water pump setups

02-16-2012, 12:55 PM
There is a good thread about this on YB in the LS1 section.

I'm looking into doing a setup like this, But with a Tstat, and fitting for a heater.
The stock WP is 15pounds, so I think you could save about half that.
I was just thinking, do I even seen a Tstat for street driving, Well I want temp control, but think about it more.......
I was looking at a remote Moroso Tstat housing 63425 or
Like used here. And it would work as the Y for the other side of the system (useing a 2-1 fitting pump on the other) using the block mount fittings.

Why not just hook up the pump off a temp sensor switch? Isn't a Tstat just because a mechainal WP has no "off" to hold fuild in the rad to cool?
This would be better for the ele WP too, less run time = less wear. And pumping into a closed Tstat can't be good, Like the above setup. I would assume you have the pump wired to Key on. Even with a few holes drilled into it for a slight bleed. And better for the motor letting it warm up faster on cold nights at the track.

Couldn't I just wire the pump to the thermo switch? Like this one
And what temp would you run a LS1 at?
Would a thermo switch for a ele fan kit work too, its just a fuild temp swtich, you could use a adjustable one like this?

Not sure about that derdale 16769 setup (only 10* difference, not sure how "fast" that switch reads) but that idea to set it up with some adjustments. I can see it kicking on, and getting hit with cooled fuild form the rad. in 2 sec. And kicking off... repeat......
I would think you could move the senor so it wasn't right near the pump outlet obviously. But I can see it not working as easy as a system, as the switch info says. " turns the pump on at XXX and off at XXX, Bingo! thats simple"

I'm looking for a street/track setup, you can just get in the car and drive for 2 hours Hwy self controlled, and stop and go city driving. Keep the Fans PCM controlled.