View Full Version : stock ls6 parts... what are they worth?

02-20-2012, 10:20 AM
I'm currently building my LS6 up a little bit. The parts I'm replacing are as follows, and I'm curious what a fair value for each part would be. Also, if someone needs a small part, let me know. All parts have about 100k on them. The last 40k-ish miles were spent primarily in 6th gear at 3000 rpm going down the flat toll road for work. There's not a single issue with any part, no valve noise, no tapping whatsoever. The oil has been changed (since I bought the car) with either Valvoline Synpower or Royal Purple, between 3000-5000 miles, or when the oil life hit 0 on my DIC.

1. Stock 243 casting LS6 Heads

2. Stock LS6 Camshaft

3. LS6 oil pump (this can be ported and sold, can't it? good core i'd think)

4. LS6 lifters and rocker arms without trunion upgrade (thinking about selling individually at a reasonable cost if someone on this forum breaks one and just needs a single shipped out immediately)

5. Stock LS6 throttle body and intake (assuming I buy an intake manifold and throttle body)