View Full Version : Boosted advice

02-28-2012, 11:22 AM
Looking for some input from actual real life experiences and vendors on what I'm trying to achieve.
Looking to power my 2011 6 speed camaro to around 1250+ rwhp.
I know I won't get it with the whipple so it's going bye bye but I'm weighting the options of a pro charger or twin turbos...
I know with a pro charger an F1R should get me above 1000rwhp but not much more, an F2 will get my number but I don't have much info on making one fit up on the 5th gen, I don't want to chop the car up nor do I want to lose it's driver friendly features as I want the car to be reliable and completely drivable anywhere anytime...

With twins I think my number will be easier to achieve but not sure on the size of the turbos I should run to keep turbo lag to a min and max power on my level.
Also with the turbo not impressed with anyone's kits so most likely have to build my own there.

Any thoughts or ideas or experiences??