View Full Version : 383 tfs225 new Dyno numbers

03-04-2012, 08:40 PM
Well after about two months of waiting on parts I finally got my car on the Dyno. I have a 383 ms3, ported 241s, 102/102, 1 3/4 headers and 2.5 x pipe and a tight 2500 converter. Car made the numbers in my sig. The changes. Made was 1.7 roller rockers trick flow 225 heads 60cc chambers and around a 4 thousand converter and I put tsp 1 7/8 headers on but my 3 inch exhaust didn't come in in time so I put the 2.5 exhaust back on ..... Ok lane culver tuned the car from Lacey springs on a nitrous tune the car made 440 hp through the 12 bolt na and on a 150 shot with c16 in the stand alone it made 616 hp with the before setup on the same jets pulling off the rail it made 548hp. We stepped up the the nitrous jet to a 82 and the cars last pull made 663hp and 745 torque There's my results. I hope it puts me in the 6son motor and 5s on the spray in the eighth

03-04-2012, 08:45 PM
Nice numbers and similar to what I put together except I went vic jr/4150 and a larger cam. Hoping to make it to the track soon and see just how much the tsp 2.5 5.3's leave on the table.