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03-07-2012, 10:46 PM
Long story that I will try to make short.
Forged my motor, ran it for 100 miles, changed oil and filter. Swapped in 80lb injectors and took about a tank of E85 to get it dialed in from AFRs in the 9s to 11.5.
Went to the track and put in a few runs with a couple back to back.
Did a speed run upto 160 leaving the track. Following day while in traffic noticed low oil pressure. Pulled oil and filter has the stuff in the above pic. Oil smelled like E85.
Cold idle before I replaced oil.

After i swapped oil and filter cold idle

Operating temp
Replaced the oil and it seems to be back to normal; going to pull the filter tomorrow and check if particles are less.

Here's my theory: E85 ran too rich for too long and drag racing wore out a bearing. The car makes its normal noise which makes me believe if oil pressure returns to normal and copper specs are reduced to normal levels I can drive my SS for a couple thousand miles before I pull it apart for inspect and repair. Your thoughts please...