View Full Version : How does ASR work?

03-11-2012, 02:27 PM
I know what traction control does, and i know that i can feel it stop me from mashing the gas any farther, but how?? i feel like its something simple..

03-11-2012, 02:52 PM
I Think the other cable coming from the traction control closes the TB !

03-11-2012, 03:07 PM
is the traction control, the black box with the cables coming from it?

03-11-2012, 05:33 PM
Yes the black box right near the Battery on the wheel well !

03-11-2012, 09:03 PM
ASR is supposed to pull throttle and spark if the rear wheels are spinning faster than the fronts. It's not that great of a traction control system, it's sometimes slow and it doesn't always work properly.