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03-22-2012, 10:22 AM
I just purchased an 02 Trans Am WS6 yesterday. I got kind of in a rush buying it for some reason and never do that. I forgot to make sure it was a real WS6 like I was told and went to check today. I went to check the RPO codes on the door but here's the kicker......there's no sticker on the door! I'm wondering if maybe it's not the original door someone pulled the sticker off so no one could tell the usual way if it was a WS6 or not.

So my question is, is there another way to tell if the vehicle is a true WS6 or not? A quick response would be great so I can get back to the dealership sooner than later about how they ripped me off.

Thanks in advance!

03-22-2012, 10:32 AM
go to the parts service area with your vin and ask for a printout of the factory options. They can do it, don't let them tell you they can't. I had it done the other day, but odds are if you are missing the door sticker it probably isn't a ws6

03-22-2012, 10:36 AM
Are you talking about the parts service area at any GM dealership?

03-22-2012, 11:02 AM
yes any gm dealer

03-22-2012, 11:12 AM
Thank you for that quick tip. I drove up the street to the closest GM dealer and they printed it right there. My worst fear did not come true, WS6 showed up on the printout. Either it's not the original door (I can live with that) or someone pulled the sticker off for some odd reason.

03-23-2012, 02:50 PM
Some barnyard painter probably stripped it when he repainted the car.