View Full Version : 95 camaro to 01 SS conversion

Todd Neyman
03-27-2012, 11:52 PM
i had a 95 V6 camaro i did a 01 SS conversion on. im talking nose, tail, interior and all. literally just the unibody was from the 95.

so last week i get rearended at a redlight by some dooshbag without insurance.
needless to say im in mourning. it ran 11.29 on all motor with full boltons and a ms4.

anyway, i need help valuating this for my insurance, luckily shelter insurance is going to work with me on my vehicle instead of totalling it and paying me 3 grand.

does anyone have reciepts from something like this? i bought the car already like this and dont have any reciepts. i came up with estimates for my mods, but i need someone to help value a longblock to differential from a 01SS installed into a 1995 V6.

thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me. FYI, im going to get a roller and just drop me shit in it. so im not totally screwed...