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Mother of god...

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Those things are sick

Larry @ AMS
03-29-2012, 09:31 AM
Eric.. thanks for posting. :)

here is the break down of the TX2K12 event

With the tracks closed in the Chicagoland area April, our annual trip down to the TX2K GT-R Nationals events in March offer us the first opportunity to test new vehicles that we've been working on throughout the winter months. This year, initial testing of the AMS Alpha Omega at the TX2K12 was a definitive success. This was the first time the Omega has ever made an appearance at the drag strip and much was accomplished and learned.


On Saturday, the Alpha Omega began on a low boost setting around 24lbs. After that, boost was increased to around 35lbs max and our first clean pass was just short of the record ET by three thousandths of a second (8.79@169mph)! At the end of that pass, one of the intercooler pipes popped, shooting downward at the under tray. This, along with the deployment of the parachute (causing the GT-R to dip) was believed the cause of the lip ripping off the vehicle as seen in the video. Ivan Phipps, our mechanic and driver of the Alpha Omega worked quickly to replace the lip, under tray and bumper so that we could make another pass.

The last pass of the day was made just before the lanes closed. Ivan launched hard with a 1.47 60ft, and began losing traction badly a little farther out. Most people at the line thought he would abort with the lanes being so narrow, but he stayed in it and straightened out to break the mile record with an 8.63@172.15mph pass! Again, the lip tore away from the bumper and the cause was finally attributed to the high speed and larger intercooler interfering with the lip support brackets. Ivan already had a solution in mind, but without another front end, the crew would have to pack it up and head home.

With the car breaking loose on the last past, the AMS crew felt the Alpha Omega had more left to accomplish on Sunday so the crew worked hard to source a donor GT-R for some parts. That evening, our sales manager was able to source a front end from NAGTROC forum friend two hours away and then found that Hennessey had an extra bumper and lip in storage that they were also willing to offer.


Ivan began early in the morning to repair the front end and reinforce the lip with a set of modified brackets. The preparation was intense yet efficient, and the Alpha Omega made its first pass of the day with an 8.62@173.81mph -- breaking the record it had achieved the day prior off a slower 1.53 60 ft.

We attempted to run one more pass with the boost turned up past 35lbs, but the track offered very limited traction and Ivan aborted the final pass. Overall, the car ran strong all weekend long and was ready to take on the Texas Mile the following weekend. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The Texas Mile video is one you will not want to miss!

AMS would like to sincerely thank Tim Sanders, Hennessey Performance and "Wreckless" ( member). Without their help, generosity and support, this achievement would not have been possible.

Special thanks to Dodson, Exedy, Sheptrans and Driveshaft Shop for their support of the Alpha Omega project as well.

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From in-car view at around the 4 min mark, I guess when you are running 8's comparatively there is a noticeably delay shifting no? Really need to know the car.

Insane car, thanks for sharing. If these cars could 60" it run a sub 8.5.

Larry @ AMS
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The is little to no delay and the GT-R is probably one of the best shifting transmissions. The car did have traction issues + it could be the audio recorder causing it to seem worse to you?

The car is capable of low 8's with a better 60ft + we still have plenty of power left. :) The car will always have better MPH v's ET though due to the platform.


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Just sick! :eek2:

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Watching that car in person was pretty amazing.

Larry @ AMS
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thanks guys