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LS Series Showdown
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The LS Series Showdown is BACK!!!! Round 2

Date: August 3-5
Place:Day 1: Cruise TBA Meet & Greet Hooters West Covina. Day 2: Drag Racing TBA soon!!!! Day 3: Car Show @ K&N Riverside!

We are back!!!!!
Expected over 200 cars and climbing...All LS cars invited even Customs!!!
The Show will include so much entertainment... You might forget your at a car show....Best BBQ/Live DJ/Models/DYNO/Exhaust Competition/Ice Cream Truck/Huge Raffle(Thousands $ in prizes)/Exotic Super Cars Section/ a booth to sell your parts (limit 3).......and more...Find us on Facebook LS Series Showdown or every Monday a new announcement....Packages will be available for purchace in June....Some Vendor Space is still available but going quickly.... Sponsors and Vendor announcements coming in April!!!!! Stay Tuned IN!!!!! Much More To Come!!!!!add us on facebook new announcements every week up until the show!!!!!


Racing: Trophies & Prizes
Track King (winner in showdown)
Trackzilla (fastest of the day)

The Show: Trophies & Prizes
Best in Show
Best in Class
Best Wheels
Best Interior
Best Exahaust
Best FI Setup
Best Stock
Best in Showdown (Peoples Choice)
Best Custom
Biggest Club
Dyno King
Dyno Queen (Best Stock) 653_njpg.jpg

04-04-2012, 01:29 AM
i wanna go to this show i just liked your page on fb is this free?