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04-01-2012, 11:29 AM

This is my cousin, Z07Josh, his 1996 C4 LT4. Think he was about 18-19 when he first owned it....traded years ago when the 02 Z06 came out...and later in life, found it again. Now, the block was tired, suspension bushings weak and was time to rebuild the car. Talks of an LSX swap almost happened but,...keeping the rare LT4 and making some power, sounded like a fun route...and cost effective, even though we have a few LS power plants in the midst. New cam, mill'd heads-valves-springs-rollerrockers-pistons and rods(forged)-throttle body-port matched intake-american racing headers with high flow cats-Doug Rippie coilovers-poly bushings-C5 brakes with lightweight pistons-new aftermarket clutch-flywheel-shifter-and some odds and ends. It's intended as a daily driver...and something we can take to an autocross or road course that wasn't boosted but was quick enough to make good power to hang with most cars on the street(when the C5's came out way back in the day....we'd walk every single one of them in this car stock for stock). The car just started last night...should be on the street if not week.

Enjoy the build.

04-01-2012, 11:31 AM's a video with the green machine LT4 in it.

Here's some LT4 porn...currently residing in the compound.

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from today...

bonus round...

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Oh snap!
Nice build! Clean C4's!

ZO7 Josh
04-02-2012, 10:20 AM
111.MOV Woo!

ZO7 Josh
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Nice work. Do you like the C5 brakes better than the C4?

04-18-2012, 05:19 PM
Nice work. Do you like the C5 brakes better than the C4?

Gracia. I think were gonna try and install the C5 brakes this weekend. They are modded with lightweight pistons and some good pads so were hoping they're a significant upgrade from the C4's.

ZO7 Josh
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05-03-2012, 12:42 PM
Awesome C4. Love the Fiskes on there.

05-14-2012, 03:55 PM
HAHAHA that thing is fucking BAAAD

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Allow me to update.... ( ( ( ( (

05-13-2013, 11:26 AM
Nice C4.

My Father is a huge C4 fan, so much so that in the past he "downgraded" from a C5 to a C4.

He's had a couple of 1996 LT-4 cars.

He just turned 60 and has hit the point where he now prefers an automatic car to a 6-speed. He recently traded his latest LT-4 car for one of the 1996 Silver Editions, but an LT-1 A4 car.

In a couple of years he is going to retire, and I am (hopefully) going to be moving very close to him, so we plan on building his '96 up a little, so he can have some more power and so I can learn from him how to do all my own work (I am mechanically clumsy and green).

Unfortunately I don't know much about C4s, and the aftermarket seems like a ghost-town compared the the C5 and C6 world.

His car does have the optional rear gear, which I believe is something like 3.07 in the C4s??? He did not care for the "loose" feel of my C5 with the 3.42 and a vigilante converter, so I may be able to talk him into upgrading the rear gears, but he is going to want to stick with the stock converter, and thus we'll probably stick with the stock cam, focusing instead on intake, heads, exhaust.

From googling around it seems the LT-4 parts are not widely available anymore??? I found an edelbrock intake that can be had in a red painted finish, do you (or does anyone) know if the edelbrock flows as well as an LT-4 intake?

As for heads, since it's going to be a stock LT-1 cam care and my father cares more about low-end performance, I was thinking some AFR 195s. Thoughts?

As for exhaust, nice to see American Racing Headers serves the C4 market. Definitely will go with those. For catback, maybe Billy Boat? I like their twin oval tips on the C4. But noise will be an issue. Which catbacks are known for the least resonance at cruise?

Thanks in advance. Beautiful car. I'm a C5 guy, but a C4 was my first and I still love them too. Last Corvette that "feels" like a Corvette and not a sporty Cadillac IMO.

05-13-2013, 05:42 PM
Cool beans Will,..sounds like you've got a cool, hip pops.

My cousin "Z07 Josh" did most of the planning for this project....I learned most of my LT4 stuff when I was in my late teens....which, unfortunately was about 17 years ago. So, this car, was a new experience all over again..and we basically got a lot of parts from one dude. I will see what his website is but he is very LT specific..and post it or get it to you.(actually found it)

I have no knowledge of any auto setup for those cars, as far as diff's go. It's been too long. Get a hold of this guy, and I am sure he can help you out better then I can. Now, C5, C6...different story.

Glad you enjoyed the build.