View Full Version : Bolt Pattern - C5/C6 torque tube to bellhousing

04-01-2012, 01:06 PM
As part of my C5 suspension Nova project, i need to design a bearing retainer that will bolt to the Quicktime scattershield. The only dimension I need at this point is the bolt pattern and dowel location on the engine end of the torque tube.

The idea is that I'll have a custom shaft made that engages the corvette clutch, and goes to a GM 32 spline output, at which point I'll run a regular driveshaft to the transmission input. Very similar to the setup used on the BAD Challenger, if you're familiar with that project.

Much Appreciated!


05-08-2012, 02:16 PM
Nick, I assume u are going to fab a bearing retainer for the rear that will also support the input shaft of the trans. The thing I would worry about is the overall mass of the shaft and joints, if they have too much kinetic energy it will be a bear to speed shift and the syncros won't last as long.

U got any pics to share? I have a bellhousing from a c6z06 (for templat/measure) but I would build off of a stock vette torq tube. The 97-04 tubes are longer than 05-up, and the 6sp bellhousing has more height than the auto bell. My point is that by mixing u can vary the over-all length of assembly by several inches without having to shorten-lenghten the tube and shaft.

Do u have a measurement from back of bellhousing to mounting face of tranny?