View Full Version : 4th gen wolf mini tub questions

04-03-2012, 03:34 PM
has anyone ever done a mini tub on a 4th gen? i Figured there probley not that hard to do. knowing i can do sectioning pretty easly. but i figured it will never hurt to get some hints befor i do it.

the only tools i have at home are a sawall and a cut off wheel. and a seam buster. i do not own a plasma cutter. ( if it come down it i can rent a plasma cutter for $50 for the weekend.)

the only question i have is how do you bond the 1/4 panel to the mini tub. i heard if you weld it you will have to repaint it due to the heat. i heard of people using fiberglass to bond them and some people use seam seal to bond it ( i dont think seam seal would work. knowing its to flexable to bond and hold). but i am seam sealing everthing when i get done i just dont think it will hold up by it self to the 1/4 panel and mini tub.
but im leaning tords fiberglassing it. any insight?

04-03-2012, 08:09 PM
I've never done a mini tub, but I wouldn't use fiberglass. If your not welding it in maybe panel bond like 3m 8015 panel bond adhesive. I've been told that panel bond is actually stronger than welding.
You would have to clamp or drill screw it with the panel bond and let set over night. Just make sure it's where it needs to be cause once it's dry you'll have to cut out if it's wrong!
Someone else might chime in and give some better advice, cause I've never done a mini-tub, but I think panel bond would work.