View Full Version : Monsoon Question for you locals

04-04-2012, 08:17 PM
Hey Guys, I would put this in the Electronic forum, but I had a question for my local Canucks.
I've got a 1999 Trans Am WS6 with the monsoon system.
When I got my car there were no speakers in the rear sail panels. The previous owner had removed them because he had an aftermarket sub in the back hatch area.
Have any of you replaced the 6.5" subs in the sail panels? If so, what did you replace them with and where did you get them and are you happy with them?
I've been trying to buy a set of CDT's from Kee Audio but I haven't had much success in getting e-mails returned from him.
I was hoping that maybe I could find something locally but haven't had much luck.
I don't want to put any other type of sub in the hatch area. I'd prefer to stick with the factory mount locations/speakers.
Any suggestions?

04-04-2012, 08:47 PM
I bought CDT speakers from Kee Audio about 3 years ago. I forget the guy's name, but he really knows his stuff and he can give you a good recommendation. I don't have sail panels because it's a convertible, but it sounds way better than the stock speakers. The guy was doing this as a hobby at the time, that may be the delay.