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04-06-2012, 01:18 AM
Hey everyone!
My name is Christian and I am brand new to the forum.
I have just purchased my first ls1 block which came out of a 99 camaro and have huge plans for it.
What has already been done:

Head work:
241 heads
Hot tanked
Sandblasted them
Valve reseating and three angle cut
AFR dual valve springs rates up to .650 lift
Ls1 corvette rockers+shafts
7.375 chrome moly Texas speed pushrods

Block work:
Hot tanked
Comp camshaft 230/230 112 LSA 5.91 lift
Re-sleeved cylinder from wrist pin damage

Just a couple weeks in so I'm still gathering all my parts that I need
I have a long way to go but my plans are to order a 383 rotating assembly and over bore the block to 3.903!
Rotating assembly will be purchased in the next week or so

So to recap
First ls1 motor
Stroking it to a 6.3 383ci
Spending boat loads of money
Any input or recommendations are welcome!
I will be doing an n motion single roller timing set as well as using ls7 lifters
Also plans for a melling high pressure oil pump
For those interested:
The rotating assembly includes an eagle forged crank,
Eagle h beam 6.125 rods with arp rod bolts, mahle 3.093 6cc pistons with rings, and all main and rod bearings!
The whole assembly comes balanced :D

I'll keep you guys posted on progress
And I will post a build thread when I have enough pictures to keep you guys happy!

04-06-2012, 02:02 AM
why are you using 241 heads and such a moderate cam for your 383?

04-06-2012, 10:35 AM
can always go bigger later
Couldn't pass up the deal for the heads and cam
I got them next to nothing so it was well worth it.
I'll be getting more than enough power for what I need it for.
Looking into a set of 317s and a 233/239 cam later down the road
Will be doing the porting and polishing myself so it will take some time with the 317s