View Full Version : I just sold my 2001 SS Procharged 6-speed.. did i get good money???

04-09-2012, 09:48 PM
I am selling my camaro, and the gentleman is picking it up this thursday this week!! What would it be worth to you? Did i get good money out of it?

Here is the write up on it:

I have decided to sell my 2001 SS camaro. It just turned 38,000 miles the past summer, and has been garaged its whole life, by me and previous owners. I have owned the car since November 2007, and it had at the time 29,890 miles. All original paint, true ss car with t-tops, leather interior. Everything that is factory works! Cruise, power seat, power windows, wipers, factory alarm, all lights, air conditioning blows ice cold, heater, etc. Car This car was set up for a fast, sleeper car- while still maintaining all around performance and mpg!
Some of the aftermarket parts are as listed, and were added to the car when it had 25-27k miles. This is not a back yard build ls1 car, all performance parts and add ons were done by hutter performance in chardon, Ohio.
D1SC Procharger current setting is 7.8 pounds.
Twin Intercooler, all custom from hutter performance, fits, and looks great.
Procharger stainless air box, ported by Ron and the guys@ hutter performance.
8 rib setup on blower.
Procharger install included pump, aftermarket injectors and Ati damper.
Comp cams ls1-3718R-HR114
Specs on blower cam:
Advanced duration: Int 283/Exh 283
Duration @.50 Int 230/Exh 230
Lobe seperation: 114
Valve lift 572/572.
This is a very correct blower cam to use with this ls1 application.
Comp cams Dual springs. Spring seats, Tit retainers, seals.
3/8 pushrods
Cloyes Adj timing set with hd chain.
Motor is a stock bottom end, stock ls1 325hp aluminum heads.
Do research, these motors have strong bottom ends, and are able to support 800hp.

Moser 12 bolt rear end. Built to the hill..
33 spline axles
Truetrac 4.11 ratio
1350 series yoke
Alum girdle
Ya, its 4,000 through moser.

All mounts have been replaced with solid motor mounts. You can hear the drivetrain, but was done for performance.
Spec 4 clutch, throwout bearing was all serviced at 25k.
Shifts great! Hurst short throw shifter, with line lock.
Spohn Transmisson mount/driveshaft loop/torque arm mount.

Spohn Extreme duty Driveshaft, 1350 rear
Driveshaft front safety loop
Chrome moly spherical rod end 5/8 x3/4
Lower control Arm relocation Brackets for moser rear.
Aftermarket Rear sway bar Mounting kit 3' od axle tubes.
Adjustable heavy duty tubular torque arm
Spohn sway bars 32mm front.
1 inch sold 4140 chrome moly rear sway bar.
Sway bar spacer kit.
Sub Frame Connectors

All stock, no gauges to make it look like a race car. Has a shift light in pillar (never hooked up) a switch built in the ash trey for electric fans, and line lock.
Interior is a 9.5 out of 10. very very small wear on driver seat- other than that- very clean, very well kept interior.

Was in a Chevy Rumble magazine for the exhaust.
All custom stainless 3.5 inch by stainless works in Ohio.
Beautiful, poly mounts, all tig welded, all custom long tube headers stainless. Nice set up.

Wilwood disc brakes 6 piston up from
Wilwood disc brakes 4 piston rear.
Both are wilwood slotted and drilled rotors.

Custom Budnik 18 inch wheels.
18x 11 rears and 18x9.5 fronts, HAMMMER built in the USA la la land. Nice set of wheels..

Ok, now performance. Since you now know, it is procharged- before it was procharged with a set of slp headers and y-piple and high flow cats, on a mustang dyno it pulled 365rwhp @ 6100rpms. 370foot pounds torque.
When installed D1SC, On a mustang dyno at hutter performance.
543rwhp @6800rpms, 518 foot pounds of torque.
At the crank- around 650hp.
This was the setting of the original owner, who i have talked to and was wanting something that was reliable, and ran efficiently. With this current tune, the car averages 18-19mpg around town, and averages 24-25mph out on the road. I did take the car to westvirginia 2 times, both times averaged 26mpg! Runs 70mph @ 1800rpms, 6th gear.

This car is able to put more power to the rear wheels, just no need for what i use it for, and for what it already does. Hutter performance did set the unit when building the car @ 12psi- just to see, and it made around 680rwph.

With being a camaro nut, i have taken the car to the track a couple times, first was with a set of pilot pros "street tires" ran a best of 12.20 @ 127mph- with a 2.00 60'- yes, it was spinning.
I bought a set of m/t 305/35/18- wow a difference! My best time was a 11.50 @ 129mph- 180 sixty - left very softly- this is a mid to low 10 sec. street ride, but i drive it and enjoy it on the street. Car has been taken care of, washed, waxed, polished, etc- and since ive owned it i have put around 9,000 miles (in 4 years)

04-09-2012, 09:54 PM
Did I miss a price on what you let it go for?

04-09-2012, 09:58 PM
I was asking 23,000- sold it for 18,500.. Car has 38,800 miles on it.

04-09-2012, 10:05 PM
Seems fair since the seat belt clip is broken. :sack: Really though that seems like a good deal. 23k if you had a short block built for the procharger. If you parted the car and set it back to stock you might have been where you want. Most people don't have the time though. Great looking car. Hutter is not cheap and does nice work.

04-09-2012, 10:12 PM
I know! Lol, in almost 5 years, still didnt fix that seatbelt..
Hutter does very very nice work- but also you are looking at it like i did- there are cars out there with 408's lx454 that are around 23-25k, that are nice- but are usually around 40-60k miles, So its a up and down thing..
I hated selling the car, really probably the best/ fastest - reliable car i have ever owned. I will miss it, but its either live in a 01 ss camaro, or a house. Fiance says house..
(And i really didnt want to sell the 67 25.5 outlaw camaro, 68 396/375hp camaro, or my 70 bigblock or 73 z-28. So the newer one had to go.. I hope i made the right choice.

04-09-2012, 10:22 PM
I believe you did extremely well. Finding a buyer that loves all the work you have done, and doesn't mind the racing aspect, is a real good deal for that kind of $$$. Congrats! :cheers:

04-09-2012, 10:25 PM
I believe you did extremely well. Finding a buyer that loves all the work you have done, and doesn't mind the racing aspect, is a real good deal for that kind of $$$. Congrats! :cheers:

(Funny thing is, its the guy i bought it from almost 5 years ago, who is buying it back)

Ill miss it.. :(

04-09-2012, 11:16 PM
Shoot - great price. I would have bought it... if I wasn't broke. lol

04-10-2012, 03:47 AM
I believe you did extremely well. Finding a buyer that loves all the work you have done, and doesn't mind the racing aspect, is a real good deal for that kind of $$$. Congrats! :cheers:

Agreed. Fair deal for buyer and seller.