View Full Version : my ws6 speaker delemas

04-10-2012, 12:04 AM
here they are...)

1 should i replace the front door speakers with a mid woofer or with full range speakers? i am keeping the factory amp. really on the fence here, i am slightly leaning towards the mid woofer/ component set, but i am on a budget. and if i go full range should i keep the tweeters up top?

2) i think i am gonna ditch the sail panel woofers, should/could i A) pull the wires from the hatch speakers to the sails and use a full range speaker there or B) leave it empty and keep the speakers in the hatch?

i am running an aftermarket head unit with a 10" l5 in a stealth box.

which brings me to #3... how do you put in a passenger side box? do i cut the trim or can i buy 1 already finished?

thanks in advance