View Full Version : computer/injector help please for sc5.3

04-10-2012, 10:40 PM
Please help if you have any suggestions for electronics/injectors/harness,etc. What I have is an 05' 5.3 lm7 shortblock,317 heads,crane cam hr-2163241-2s-15,small bore 671 blower. This is in my custom hotrod so I don'y have any other existing harnesses, etc. I do have a set of truck coils. trans is a T56.I'm not after huge power, just drivability.I have a tanks inc. setup in my tank(#4 pump I think was the number) to a stock corvette fuel filter.The BDS intake is machined for GM injectors and my blower guy said he has no problems with me running the blower dry.I would possibly put the inj. up top to hide them and fab plugs for the intake.blower is slightly underdriven also.I plan on putting O2 sensers in thecollectors/ mufflers. thanks, Luke