View Full Version : First time in he 10s. Nitrous lq9

04-13-2012, 01:59 AM
Took my car to Memphis International Raceway tonight. Made 8 passes some on motor and some spray. Best motor pass was a 7.07@97 and 11.17@119 with a 1.57 60ft. Sprayed it 150 and it went 6.58@107 and 10.37@120 with a 1.56 60ft hitting the rev limiter on the big end. Engine specs as follows:

2004 lq9
stock bottom end with arp rod bolts
tsp tsunami cam
gmpp single plane
750 mighty demon
th350 with 4k stall
9" rear with 4.30
275/60/15 m/t drag radials

The reason for the small mph change between the nitrous vs. all motor pass is the rear gear. It hit the rev limiter just past the 1000ft mark. The car is setup for 1/8mile tracks.

Timeslips below. I was car 49. 751_n.jpg 6561_n.jpg

Andy's Auto
04-20-2012, 10:57 AM
Very similar build to my 78 Malibu. Cam-n-heads, convertor, and gears got me 11.34@119.5. Hitting it Weds with a 200 shot of happy gas.

04-22-2012, 05:49 PM
Close to same build as our 82' Regal. Still thrashing to get things together!! Having to make my own Alternator bracket, Fabbing up a pulley system to use the Moroso EWP system and rebuilding the Powerglide has got us jammed up!

Hoping for 11.20-10.80 first time out:
Trickflow 220's
240/244 .613 .596 109+2 LSA
LQ9 stock bottom with ARP Rod bolts
11.0:1 SCR
Edelbrock stepped LT's
Vic Jr
850 Holley carb
9inch (4.56s)
2980lb race weight