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04-18-2012, 12:13 AM
So i've upgraded just about everything on my car expect for the stock crappy front LT1 brakes. Since I went back to a m6 and started driving it more, i've had more "oh shit!" instances then I feel comfortable with. 1 being my own fault others being stupid people on the road daily.

Currently I'm running greg weld 15" skinny's. I'm looking for what I can do to get better performance with the wheels I have now and what I may get by switching out to a 17x8 or wide Weld RT-S. I'm no brake expert at all but one thing i'm afraid of is locking up the front wheels with to much stopping power. I'm just running the skinnies and have no ABS because of the spool in dana 60.

I was told I can fit LS1 brake calipers under the Greg Weld wheels I have now and to get a decent pad with some Brembo blanks. I'm sure anything is better then what I have now, just wanted to gauge the performance increase in going from to LS1 brakes. I think it may just be the car and suspension, but I don't feel like the brakes in my Dad's 00 T/A are really that much to write home about.

I was thinking about trying to get some Gen I CTS-V 4 piston brembo's caliper or possibly the brembo's that come equipped on the Gen 5 Camaro (if they work). After drove my mothers G35 that has the optional brembro's (looks like the same as both cars mentioned previously) I realized how terrible mine really are!

Any guidance you all could give me on this would be much appreciated :usa:

04-18-2012, 10:26 AM
Hey man your spot on about everything...i've done the upgrade and altho it is a change for the better its hindsight I would have done the CTS-V's if I could redo...and may end up doing so.
Your plans are the correct way to go. I originally wrote skip the LS1 brakes all together but your setup actually made me retract...if you cant fix your ABS....and are on skinnies you should maybe leave it alone and upgrade the pads....or limit yourself to the blasted LS1's.
too bad about your abs. why not get it going again.

04-18-2012, 02:15 PM
You can also get some brackets to upgrade to C5 calipers.

04-18-2012, 02:46 PM
You can also get some brackets to upgrade to C5 calipers.

How much better are they really the normal LS1 Fbody brakes?