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04-18-2012, 08:00 AM
well guys ive finally bought enough lsx parts to warrant a thread.. im putting a lq4 into my 1986 trans am. i was going to make it an all out track car but have since changed my mind.. it will just be another car for me to drive to and from base/work when i feel like it.

im currently stationed overseas in south Korea:usa: so i have an amazing friend who i consider my blood brother doing most if not all of the swap for me:bang: im sure he will chime in sooner or later on here..

little back story on the car.. i was doing a lt1 swap on my 91 camaro convertible and i came across an amazing deal that i just couldnt pass up from a friend.. well i sold the camaro and put the lt1 into the trans am but had to leave for basic training before i could fully finish it.. it was so close.. just needed small stuff, fuel lines, battery, and so forth.. well the car sat inside the storage unit for the entire time i was away. then i came down on orders to Korea and that just blew any chances of finishing it anytime soon.. well i moved the car up to PA to my uncles house for long term storage.. i came home from korea in march of 2012 on mid tour leave to get married to my beautiful wife and started talking to my brother about building the car.. he said bring it to his house and it shall be done.. well needless to say its there and its getting a whole new setup because he refused to let me drop any more money on the lt1..

here are a few pics from when i was doing the lt1 swap

04-18-2012, 08:12 AM
HERE it is, at its new home at my brothers house! and some nice new to me parts.. 950_o.jpg
228R cam kit from TSP
Monster stage 3 clutch

i also have a full body harness from a 2000 camaro from head lights to tail lights.. but no need to picture that mess.. i hate wiring.. and i dont like having electrical gremlins so this whole swap will be PLUG AND PLAY!! only thing ill have to wire in is the headlights and tail lights.. everything else should plug right on in.. im also going with a custom 02 trans am dash that has been fiber glassed and painted black.. its nice but im worried about the glare so i might re prep it and fix a few smaller areas on it and do a satin black instead.. but that will come after everything is installed and she is finally running.. as i have owned this car over 3 years.. and not once have i drove it.. :bomb:

04-18-2012, 08:34 AM
if it wasnt for my wifes stang breaking down i would have been alot farther in this build but it is what it is.. stang got a new transmission, and oil pan gasket, cap,rotor,coil, plugs and wires, brakes, rotors, and tires, flowmaster catback and all new fluids.. that was a good 3,000$+ that i could have put toward this and probably been very close to finishing..
picture of the wifes stang _o.jpg n.jpg
figured since im posting the cars up might as well do the beauty and the beast while im at it..
my beauty 2006 6spd
and the beast 1999 silverado 2500 (just picked this bad boy up) 8_o.jpg _o.jpg

04-19-2012, 12:41 AM
wow no love for a 3rd gen huh.. tuff crowd..

04-19-2012, 01:47 AM
Id love to see the progress on this build.Gives me ideas on future mods I could do to my t/a.How bad is the dash swap,Ive been eyeing if i want to tackle that job if its not too hard for a weekend of wiring.HDo you have full specs of what the motor will be?

04-19-2012, 03:06 AM
wow no love for a 3rd gen huh.. tuff crowd..

dont worry, the 3rd gen guys are around :)

04-19-2012, 06:19 AM
dont worry, the 3rd gen guys are around :)

Checking in. Love the build! I hope to do a LS swap to my iroc someday.

04-19-2012, 10:26 AM
Id love to see the progress on this build.Gives me ideas on future mods I could do to my t/a.How bad is the dash swap,Ive been eyeing if i want to tackle that job if its not too hard for a weekend of wiring.HDo you have full specs of what the motor will be?

the dash swap wasnt that bad.. i didnt have to do any wiring as i used the body harness from the donor car.. a few of us on have done the dash swap and all the wiring diagrams are there.. its just time consuming, and i would leave more then a weekend to be able to do it so you are not rushed.. if you have to do it in a weekend i would go to a junk yard and pick up spare parts and build it outside of the car then simple swap it out.. as for the dash it bolts right in but you have to modify 2 brackets that are in the car. 1 on each side of the car. i just cut and bent mine but ill be redoing it when i use the other dash.. if u look in the picture the dash was broken so it was mainly for mock up and getting it running. but in all in all it was totally worth all the work.. it makes the car look better and not so cheap so to say.. i love the 3rd gen interior but the cheap plastic makes it look dumpy and cheap..

as for the build.. its going to be a 6.0 iron block LQ4, l92 heads, ls3 intake,90mm TB, 4l60e (for now) and if the wallet allows a 76mm on3 turbo mounted in the front where the batter would be.. i cant stand all the piping in between the belts and radiator it makes it looked cramped and what do u do when you throw or melt a belt.. no thanks..

Checking in. Love the build! I hope to do a LS swap to my iroc someday.

you should really do it... if u use the iron block its no where near as expensive as you would think..

04-19-2012, 10:38 AM
Im watching goodluck. Hope to do a lsx swap next. Need to get a few good passes out of this turd hope some high 9s and then sell it to fund the swap.

04-20-2012, 11:14 AM
well guys the army screwed me over once AGAIN and now im moving halfway across the country to FT. Sill.. im tired of fighting with the wife over this car.. so everything i have 3RD GEN RELATED is FOR SALE.. want to sell everything as one whole sale as i dont have time to sell it piece by piece.. CAR ALSO.. everything lsx wise that i bought besides the gas tank and body harness is going into the gto at some point..

i want to sell everything i have (which is about 2.5 cars worth) in one sale.. the 86 trans am roller will come with the 8 point roll cage,fully welded sub frames (car is stiff. perfect for drag) torque thrust2 17in rims with tires (not show quality but still nice)4th gen disk rear, full set of 91-92 camaro wheels,full set of salad shooters,new black carpet, 4th gen dash swap with 4th gen center console, fiberglass ram air 2 hood, complete tan 4th gen interior including seats.. 1.5 complete 3rd gen interior plastic pieces gray and black. 4th gen trans am rear hatch with spoiler (spoiler can be bolted on the 3rd gen ta with a lil mods and looks bad ass.. spare 3rd gen hatch, 87 GTA body kit minus front bumper,1 bog warner disk rear end from the 87 GTA, a mint COMPLETE 3rd gen GTA dash, 2 3rd gen ta center consoles, a 305-350 longblock 86k miles super clean just needs intake and carb, 700r4 trans 86k miles also clean.. and what ever else 3rd gen related i can find.. no i know thats alot of stuff but i need it all gone in one shot.. and im willing to pretty much throw it away.. i have about 5k in everything.. between the car itself and haveing the cage welded in to all the parts that i have.. the hood and tt2 wheels along cost me about 1500$ i even have some nice camaro parts ill throw in.. what ever 3rd gen stuff i have is all going.. i want 2k for everything but ill take an offer.. would like to walk away with close to that.. and if u can do it ill even throw in a COMEPLETE ls1 body harness and ls1 gas tank with sending unit..

04-20-2012, 11:33 AM
damn bro that suck,i know the feeling