View Full Version : need help with P0300 and P0332

04-18-2012, 07:04 PM
Hey guys just wanted to ask around if anyone has had this 2codes come on at the same time? Well heres the background i just had my engine rebuilt about 600 miles ago and i have been breaking in the engine, the engine has new spark plugs but 2 year old msd wires same old coils same O2 sensors and cats and new oil pressure switch and coolant temp sensor and the rest that the mechanic rebuilt the engine should be new lol but the car feels just a little rough don't know if it's the poly motor mounts and tranny mount that make it feel like that but the car runs normal but now Im afraid to drive cuz i think i can damage something with code P0300

04-19-2012, 08:27 AM
Besides anybody getting this two codes at once can the knock sensor cause missfires? is it safe to spray carb cleaner anywhere on the engine bay to try to find a vac leak for code P0300 i have read this is a common code but a pain to find its cause,also i don't have a scanner that can track the missfires i only have the old version of diablos predator v2.1 i think so i have to get it updated itn the future i don't know if this scanner could track it

also i asked about the carb cleaner because i have also read that it can be leaking at the exhaust and since i just got it rebuild maybe the mechanic didn't torque everything up to specs and i don't want to harm the car or myself but i wouldnt mind it bein me as opposed to the car lol and i don't want to sound cheap but i just blew all my savings on the rebuilt and don't have money to buy a new scanner nor friends that may have one and to kill its my daily driver lol the irony so i am trying to fix it as opposed to taking it to someone i can do most nooby changes like the knock sensor and stuff like that but Im no engine builder or scanner techy sorry guys for the nooby question but my car is my life so any help is greatly appreciated

2000 TAWS6
04-19-2012, 09:47 AM
A mis-fire can cause the knock sensor code. Suggest you get the mis-fire issue cleared up first.