View Full Version : LEAN at WOT and stumbles.

04-18-2012, 08:08 PM
So last Sunday I add a SLP lid. THis lid was takin off with chainsaw chain oil. I didn't see the oil on the insid eof the lid and installed it. The fit is stupid tight.

WEll drive it for a day all is good, jump in it Monday and get on it car stumbles and hesitates, AFR reads 14.0 so I get out of it quick. The crusing AFR is all the same no change, from normal.

I cleaned the MAF last night, test drove and it ran great, again this morning perfect better than before actually.
Leave work today and get on it on the interstate car stumbles, AFR at 14.0-14.2 again.


EDIT: Cleaned the MAF again, no more stumble or hesitation, but still lean on some pulls, right around perfect on others. The idle got richer again.
Thinking the sensor is crapping out?