View Full Version : Changed flexplate, restalled converter, clearance issues again

04-18-2012, 10:31 PM
Well I made a thread about this last year, ended up using washers as spacers with the GM flexplate and Yank 3600ss.

Sent the converter to get restalled to 4000, and also replaced the GM flexplate with a Yank SFI plate.

My problem is right now with the LQ4 (NOT THE OLD CRANK STYLE) the pilot on the converter bottoms out too early on the crank and with the flexplate bolted to the crank, it's 5/16" away from the converter.

I put 3 washers in there to equal the 5/16" and used longer bolts. Now how do I go on figuring out the correct clearance that I can pull the converter out of the trans?

The best sequence I've found is crank, flexplate, spacer, bolts

Anyone have any help to give?

04-19-2012, 01:59 PM
Bump, guess ill be sending the converter back to Yank :bang:

04-19-2012, 04:42 PM
You should need no spacer with our flexplate.

04-19-2012, 05:13 PM
How about some pictures of the setup so we can see what is going on. Also a measurement from the crank to the block, basically how much is the crank sticking out past the block. Should be about .315"


04-19-2012, 08:28 PM
Called Dave at Yank today, really nice talking to you by the way very nice and willing to answer my questions.

Looked up a picture of the longer crank, made sure that I didn't have it. Then noticed something different about my crank compared to others...

04-19-2012, 08:34 PM
That, for those who don't know is a solid pilot bushing for a manual trans car. Makes sense considering I bought the engine from a guy using a 6 speed.

I feel like a jackass! In my defence there was some dirt/rust in there making the impression that it was just part of the crank. That doesn't make it acceptable as Yanks instructions clearly state to remove all debris/rust before installation.

I'm willing to bet that this was the result of my trans failure, as well as hopefully why I had a vibration felt in the whole car.


04-19-2012, 09:34 PM
Cool, glad you got it figured out..... It is always easy once you know the answer.