View Full Version : After car sit overnight now starts but wont run

04-19-2012, 10:17 AM
Just got the turbo setup running good on my 2002 Camaro last week. Drove the car a lot all last week with no issues. Drove it last saturday night for a bit before the rain came and Sunday morning went to go wash it and the car would not idle above 400rpms and anytime I would give it gas it would just die. I am running E85, 2 A1000 fuel pumps (one on a switch), no MAF, 3 bar map sensor and stock pcm. I have been trying to track the issue down all week but have came up with nothing. I did add 50% more fuel in the tune and the car would start up and run, rev up with good throttle response but it would idle at 2,200 rpms. I thought it could have been a vacuum leak so I pulled the intake manifole off and inspected for leaks. Found nothing. Put my normal tune back in the car and same issue. Will start up like normal and after about 5-10 seconds of run time it will die. I also cleaned my fuel filters before and after pumps, I have good fuel pressure with key on. I also swapped out the map sensor thinking that could be it, found nothing. Any help would be great.