View Full Version : Help with new rear main seal install !!

04-20-2012, 04:01 PM
OK.... I've been through many posts and mostly get how to press the new seal into the cover... Here are my questions

GM high tech had a write-up on the web that said the lip of the seal facing the front of the engine should face in and the other lip of the seal (the smaller lip) should face rearward. This is also where the little "this side out" is stamped.
But the directions included with the "new style" seal say it is a "reverse lip style as opposed to what has been used in the past" this side out has been marked on the seal as shown in the graphic.

As I said in my completely too long install post.. I am a jack (ass) of all and master of none.....

The plastic "o" ring was loose in the pack and inserting it in the new seal to aid install has both seal lips facing toward the rear of the engine once installed. This does not seem correct. ?? Unless the "this side out" means toward the inside of the motor. Which does not compute either??

A little help here as the seal I just installed had the inner larger lip facing the inside of the motor and the smaller lip facing the trans but the inside lip hit the two tabs in the cover and apparently ripped when installed so it leaked.. We are sitting here searching for clarification since I do not want to do this next weekend too :(

04-22-2012, 12:12 PM
Well .... No replies here so I did the next best thing..... UNDER-analyzed my over analyzation and looked at the part more closely....
After pushing out my damaged seal I decided to install the backplate first, then the seal to get a better visualization. After installing the backplate I saw that the two tabs molded into the seal race just about touch the crank so to have the rear lip of the seal face inward would crunch it in the gap ( exactly what happened to my seal as there were two little tear holes where the tabs poked through ). The new style seal directions said reverse facing lip or some such so even though I cannot get my head around how this seals I installed it with "this end out" facing the flywheel and the large lip of the seal (inner lip) facing the flywheel also.
No RTV, and no lube on the seal.... And now, no leaks!!
I over thought this entire simple procedure in my concern for info!
Hope this helps someone out there :)