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04-24-2012, 12:52 PM
I have for sale a 1995 Chevy Camaro Hardtop Black with grey cloth interior, it has 120k original miles on it. I built this car to be a street legal drag car over the past few years. It has only been to the track once and it was at the end of last season I ran one easy pass as a shakedown and then it started to rain and the track was shut down. Since then I have bought a new toy and things have changed so I'd like to let it go. The body is a 5 out of 10 and could use a paint job but its all straight and complete. Interior is 7 out of 10. Engine is an 8 out of 10.

Engine: Stock internals, K+n full cold air setup, Pacesetter long tubes, full custom 3" exhaust with high flow cat flowmaster 30series muffler and single outlet tip, PCMforless tune, new gm optispark, new plugs, new 8mm wires with boots to protect from high heat, polished intake elbow, TB airfoil, many new sensor, 160 thermostat P/s removed and a/c removed with PCMforless alternator relocation bracket and single pulley belt setup, poly motor mounts and trans mount.

Driveline: Performabuilt stage 2 trans with 3000 stall converter, Spohn HD driveshaft with 1350 u-joints, Moser 9" rear end meant for a 82-92 camaro so its narrowed 1.5" per side with 35 spline axles 4.10 gears detroit locker nodular center, disc brakes, and stainless hoses.

Suspension: Front is stock, Rear is fully built with stock springs, Qa1 single adjustable, S+W Racecars subframe connectors lower control arms panhard bar and adjustable torque arm, Spohn 1" rear sway bar with HD links, adjustable relocation brackets welded to rear.

Wheels: rears are Weld prostars 15x10 with correct offset for the narrowed rear, M/T E/t streets 15x28x10, fronts are brand new Greg Weld 15x3.5 with M/T sportsmans

All performance parts listed on car have less than 1000 miles on them. Car hooks great and everything works nicely together. All emissions on car are working. Rear seats removed, a/c removed. Have both if wanted to install them back in. Haven't really had time to go the track with it. Not interested in parting the whole car out since I put so much time into getting it all setup and working together.

Asking $5500 obo and not really in a huge rush to sell it. Even if you have a nicer camaro or firebird that you are building you would save alot of money in just the parts from this car. Transmission alone is over 2 grand and is practicly brand new. Rear end alone is about $2800.

Email only.

04-27-2012, 08:26 PM
Any chance youd be interested in a 98 lifted jeep grand cherokee? And you keep the rims? Ill bring my own

Txt 443-466-6630 for pics and neg.