View Full Version : Shout out to Sam Strano... Big Thanks

04-24-2012, 06:19 PM
I'd like give a big shout out to Sam for all the awesome work he's gone through to make my little hawk a canyon carving machine!

I went ahead with his suspension package 6 (his springs, konis sa, and his sways), and the night and day difference from stock to this is unbelievable!! The ride is firm and the handling is incredible, but the amazing part, it's surprisingly comfortable to drive. The last lowered car I had was a neon r/t with kW level 2 coilovers and while it handled real well, it wasn't all that pleasant to drive. My hawk doesn't experience any of those bone jarring, whiplash jerks that are normal traits of a lowered car.

Now the customer support... While my direct questions and how-to were few and far (maybe just the odd stupid question about those little black plastic covers that were on the top on the front shocks) but they were answered in a timely fashion, most of my questions were already answered due to his support that he's provided on this forum. I honestly would have never known that I could make my hawk drive so well while allowing a little drop without sacrificing ride quality if it weren't for Sam.

Thanks Sam for all the r&d on your line of products and what works best for these cars, you're a valuable asset to the fbody world!