View Full Version : Service Active Handling after Head & Cam Install (C1283H)

04-25-2012, 08:57 AM
I've got what I believe to be a pretty text book situation here and I'm just wanting to be sure I understand what my options are at this point.

I'm getting the Active Handling Warmup then after about 10 miles of driving getting Service Active Handling and Service Vehicle Soon. I pulled codes and the only one it's storing is C1283H. I was thinking it would give me the dreaded C1288H, which it didn't. I was a little optimistic until I read the trouble shooting procedure in the manual which quickly leads you to the SWPS.

My car has had the column lock bypassed and I had forgot about that when I pulled my car out of winter storage and started on my head and cam upgrade. Long story short, the steering wheel got moved - more than once. It was in the 12 o'clock position when I started and during the process it got moved to about 2 o'clock and back to 12 o'clock then the second time it got moved to 3 o'clock accidentally and then back to 12. From what I read when I panicked after seeing the wheel cocked I though I would be ok as long as I didn't move it 180 degrees or more out of rotation? Frankly, I'm kinda confused because there is only one way to hook the linkage up and as long as I'm not 360 degrees out of rotation I don't understand how the hell it even knows I moved the wheel? What's the difference between moving the wheel when the car is off and the linkage is connected and moving the wheel when the car is off and the linkage is disconnected? If someone could explain that to me I'd be curious.

Regardless, I guess I'm wondering what my options are. Can I take it to a stealership and have them zero out the steering wheel position sensor or is my only option to replace it, which I'm not even getting a code for? If I need the sensor, can someone provide me with the part number. Also, if I need to replace that the instructions I've read state not to let the wheel move while you're pulling the column. I'm curious how I'm supposed to do that with the column lock bypassed! Since the car came this way I don't even know if I can remove the bypass and let it lock for this service, then reinstall the lock bypass when I'm done.

I'll tell 'ya.....after putting a head and cam in this is the last problem I thought I'd have. I should have known it went way to easily. Oh well, at least it's not anything that will prevent me from getting it tuned on Friday.

If someone can give me some advise besides 'you should have read the manual and locked the steering wheel' that'd be great. I've got a wife to give me that kind of constructive criticism.