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Recently found out that I'm gonna be a dad, so its time to turn a new chapter, and selling my pride and joy is one of the steps I've gotta take. Bought her with 65k 3 years ago, bone stock for $8,500. Since I've upgraded a lot, she puts down 356 to the wheels and runs mid 12's at LVMS. Now shes got just under 86k, Looking to get $7,500 OBO
Here's the good and the bad:
GOOD: Aluminum LS1 block 218/228 .550/.550 cam (tuned but still needs cold start up tweaking) Hardened COMP pushrods Bigger injectors from '02 Z06 Solid motor mounts Wideband O2 with USB hookup for tuning in console 3200 TCI stall Freshly built 4l60e with Beast sun shell, z-pack clutches, and more (have to ask my tranny guy exactly what Ive got in it lol) Transmission cooler Ported LS6 Intake Ported/polished BBK 80mm TB LS1 Motorsports Lid SLP ram air Coolant bypass Pacesetter ceramic coated long tubes Pacesetter ORY Flowmaster 40 (Have it set up like the borla exhaust with one side straight thru with a cut-out, other side runs thru the muffler) Cutout switch in front of shifter BMR Strut tower brace Jegster body mount torque arm Tubular lower control arms boxed panhard bar Rear summit adjustable drag shocks 305/35-18 Mickey Thompson ET Streets SLP style Custom tubular subframe connectors Stock 3.23 gears Black GM Y2k C5 wheels BRAND NEW double halo blacked out headlights Custom engine bay covers (Only one other car in vegas has em) Tons of custom cover plates in black diamond plate Custom lit rear tail panel CAMARO lettering, hooked up to running AND brake lights (Only car in Vegas with this) HID high beams and fog lights smoked taillights and clear markers Stock RS body kit Anniversary edition cloth seats Pioneer head unit with custom Ipod hook up T-Tops
BAD: AC Compressor took a dump this winter, so i pulled it anticipating getting it rebuilt, just never happened. Good part is, its already off and ready to be rebuilt, so its only half the work to throw it back on (which I can help with if you want AFTER you get a new one or have it rebuilt) That sweet new transmission I just put in, yea, less than a month later the forward clutch piston cracked causing a cross leak. I caught it early enough to where the clutches should still be fine, but the tranny will need to be pulled and that stupid $15 part replaced. (OR if you would prefer, I have a spare tranny I can throw in that needs new clutches and pump, but would be easy to bring to a shop and have swapped out in the same day) FWIW the forward clutch piston is not a normal replacement part during a rebuild, I just happened to be lucky enough to have one that had a hairline crack in it, so the overall quality of the tranny build is still great, just an unrelated lemon part... Other than that the car is amazing, definitely one of a kind and a blast to drive. I will really hate to see her go, but some things in life are just more important. Let me know if you want to see the car, you can swing by and check it out, dont want to drive it anywhere and mess up anything else in the tranny, but I can start it up for you and let you hear her run.

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