View Full Version : New to HP Tuners - 1st Initial Tune, Log, would appreciate some feedback!

04-29-2012, 09:20 PM
Hey Guys,

I am nuts about the whole pro-touring aspect of the muscle car hobby. I pretty much do everything myself except paint and tune. My last build, a '78 Trans Am with a slightly warmed LS1/4L60e was a blast but I had to sell it fairly quickly to pay for my wedding. :bomb:

Anyhow, I got another project shortly there after - a 1969 Olds Cutlass which I swapped an LY6/built 4L60e combo into.

Here's what I have as part of the build:

- 2008 LY6 6.0L Converted to 24x reluctor signal with Lingenfelter box
- 100mm Lingenfelter MAF - MAF parameters added
- Lunati Cam 65602 - 277/288 Adv. 227/238 @ .050, .583/.600 lift 112/108 LSA/ICL
- Lightly Ported L92s
- LS3 intake and injectors
- FAST 90mm TB
- LS3 Camaro Manifolds
- 2.5" x-pipe exhaust
- 3.31 gear 27" tire
- ~2600 Stall converter

After the initial firing it was downrigght PIG rich to the point it fouled out plugs. After that I figured I would purchase tuning software because I gotta learn this sometime!!! I initially found that the base tne given to me by the company I bought my harness from completely missed the mark on the LS3 injectors. I went in and recalibrated the injectors and after a refire it is a LOT better!!! I think it is still surging a bit at idle (if that is the proper term) because it will idle steady then speed up....then settle down...then speed up. When I blip the throttle she seems to hang a bit before it comes back down.

I posted the tune and the brief log. If anyone could offer some tuning advice or even a tune to help i would GREATLY appreciate it.

Trying to figure out how to load the CSV file but I have the original log attached...

I am not looking for freebies but would appreciate any direction or would even pay for a mail order file to get me in the right direciton!!!