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05-01-2012, 09:54 AM
Hello, I've been reading ALOT of info on doing a 5.3 swap. I'm looking at putting one in a 1985 K5 Blazer to replace the tired TBI350 that was originally swapped in.

My question is, I purchased a JY motor with all the acc and wiring harness and ecm. How ever I did not get the under hood fuse block assembly. Is this going to cause a problem when trying to modify the harness? I hate wiring with a passion and I'm tempeted just to either buy a harness or just pay someone to modify the one I have. What would be my safest/quickest route?

This truck is not a Daily Driver it is a play toy but it's that time of year to be rock crawling so I'd like to get it done in a reasonable time frame. Thanks for the info.

05-01-2012, 10:18 AM
You should be able to create a standalone harnless with a new fuse box set up. I usually use a Painless 7 circuit Aux Fuse setup. That usually is enoough for a basic setup. If you need more circuits, the setup is expandable by adding another 4 circuit block on.

I then setup a another fuse and relay setup for the Elecrtical Fan if your using them.

see my project post #98 and #100 for what I did..

If your not good with wiring and can not find anyone local to help, you can look up one of the sponsor vendors to convert your factory harnless or buy a new custom one. But it is a good thing to learn about the EFI and wiring, it usually takes a few hours for the 1st timers, just need to read the FAQ and get the pin out of your year/model harness.