View Full Version : New set of Nitto 555zr extreme all around on 01 WS6

05-01-2012, 12:33 PM
Finally got 4 275/40R/17 installed on the WS6 after a long pain and the ass process. I bought the car back in October and not even thinking about it didnt make sure the locking hub key was with the car. I take the car to my local tire shop and drop it off and get a call back a few minutes later stating no key in car and shop couldnt get the lugs off any other way. I call the local GM dealer and was told to call AMCOPR wheel locks. I had to take several pictures of the lug nut and email to company who finally sent me a "master" key that was supposed to work on all gm locking logs. NOT. Drop car off to shop and this "master key" does not work. Finally they hammered on the sockets and got all new tires put on and they look great.

Sorry for no pics, car is filthy due to none stop rain but will get some up soon.

I had 4 Eagle F1's on the car and the front tires were shot but back tires which i still have 75% tread on them and based on $400/tire price i went with the nittos. Sorry if this is the wrong section, but would anyone be interested in buying the 2 F1's 275/40r/17?

05-01-2012, 06:23 PM
I may be interested in old tires for the right price. Pm me.