View Full Version : FI head/cam question

05-01-2012, 01:14 PM
The basics on the car: 2006 GTO with TVS 2300 on 6lbs, LPP intake, 1 3/4 LT's to catless mid and borla rear section. Car made 492/496 after being tuned on the street. Car has just rolled 50k miles.

What I propose doing: ETMC stage 2 blower cam, TSP .650 springs (already have these), harder pushrods, MAYBE a smaller front pulley to make up for the little bit of boost loss, and a dyno tune.


Any immediate problems seen here?

Do I need to worry about the little loss in boost? If so- Car is on the 3.2 pulley now, would the 3.0 make up for the boost loss? Is belt slip really going to be a big issue? I've heard people have gone to the 2.8 with no problems...

What am I overlooking?

I make no pretence at being an expert or I wouldn't ask. I'm just throwing ideas around at the moment.