View Full Version : 93-95 vs 96-97 crank hub

05-06-2012, 05:39 PM
I just noticed that my car has a 96+ timing cover on it with the CPS hole plugged. This makes sense as a few years ago when I was doing my cam install I found there was the crank reluctor wheel in front of the timing gear. I removed the reluctor wheel and ran the car until now and never had any problems.

So measuring the hub i get 3.5" or really damn close to it. The long hub is 3.519" so I guess this means I've been running the wrong hub for the last 20k miles.

So my question is do I really need the longer hub? or can I just put it back together like it is? Does the hub hold the crank timing gear in place?

I guess the easiest way to fix the problem would be just reinstall the crank reluctor wheel.

WS Sick
05-06-2012, 05:45 PM
If it is bottoming on the crank snout youre good. The longer hub instead of butting up against the whee butss up againstt he timing gear.

05-06-2012, 06:12 PM
Yes you need the correct. Unless you dont mind your timing chain to have the potential to walk and cause nothing but shit blowing up.

WS Sick
05-06-2012, 06:15 PM
I know youve tried to get a crank timing gear off before, and if it did move it the movement potential is the thickness of the reluctor gear which is an 1/8th of an inch

05-06-2012, 06:29 PM
I just remeasured the hub more carefully, looks like it is the longer hub. Its right at 3.6". I also checked and the timing gear is fully seated onto the crank, it cant go back any further. So I think I'm good.