View Full Version : LY6 in a 70 c10

05-06-2012, 11:54 PM
Ok Ive looked through the forums and I've had a couple of questions answered but I still have some. I have a 08 ly6 out of a silverado 2500. It has the l92 heads. I want around 400-450hp as it will be a daily driver and might hit the track once or twice. I dont want to run a turbo or NOS or a super charger. I plan on doing a ls3 intake a set of headers and I would like to do a cam swap. Ive read about the vvt cams and to be honest I still dont really have a clue about it. I would like to mill the heads .030 just to get my compression up a little but I dont know if thats a good idea with the vvt cam. I have no problem getting rid of the vvt and installing another cam. But I guess what Im looking for is someone that has built one in the 450ish hp range to let me know what all I need to do. Any advice is appreciated.

05-07-2012, 11:50 PM
Dont know why this got moved to conversions and hybrids. I am looking for the actual engine build not how to put it in a 70 c10 as I have already done that. Im wanting to know what if anything to do to a ly6 to get around 450ish hp with out putting a turbo or spray to it.