View Full Version : Could master cyl cause low clutch pedal engagement?

05-08-2012, 12:00 AM
Well i recently bought an ultra low mile 99 T/A so i could have a modern EFI car I wouldnt have to work on to take a break from my 60's muscle cars that need constant maintenance and repairs,however its not working out as planned.
The car only has 5700 miles but the clutch engages right on the floor board.i broke the bleeder screw when i tried to bleed the clutch so i had to pull the tranny and discovered it has a centerforce clutch in it and an aftermarket slave.I measured the gap and found i was too much so i made a 1/8in shim for the slave and put it all back together.
Unfortunatly the clutch still engages right on the floorboard so i still have a problem.Ive bled the heck out of it (manually and with a mityvac)and i dont think that is the problem.
Im sure i have too much pedal travel before the hydraulics start pushing the slave.My clutch pedal sits at the same level as the brake pedal,should it sit higher than the brake?
Could my master cyl be bad causing this problem? I really,really dont want to lay on my back and pull the trans again.My master cyl isnt leaking but the fluid was dirty.
This car has sat the majority of the last 13 years,maybe not a good thing all in all.

thanks !!

05-08-2012, 12:58 PM
is it still the stock master, or is it aftermarket also?

these cars are known for having shitty masters in them from the factory, they have a flow restrictor that limits the amount of fluid pressure getting to the slave. this causes the slave to not get enough fluid pressure to push the pedal back up, especially at high RPM's when the fluid gets really hot.

if you have an aftermarket master, then check to see if it is an adjustable one....if so, simply adjust it some. if it's not adjustable, i'd definitely consider getting one, so that you can set the engagement point exactly where you want it, as well as getting more fluid to the slave, preventing it from binding up and causing the pedal to stick at/near the floor.

i personally put in a Tick adjustable MC in my car when my clutch pedal got stuck to the floor, and i love it. there are other adjustables out there as well, but for the most part, i've heard nothing but good things from Tick owners.

05-08-2012, 01:36 PM
It is the stock master cylinder and i did remove it and do the drill mod already,im just wondering if my problem could be caused by the master going away.

05-08-2012, 11:58 PM
It is the stock master cylinder and i did remove it and do the drill mod already,im just wondering if my problem could be caused by the master going away.

ogopogo, I don't have anything definitive to add, but I will say this: I had really random clutch/shifting issues that were nothing like what people typically describe on here when they talk about the flawed OEM master. With that being said, switching to a tick master fixed them. There are a number of ways that a Master can fail/begin to fail and it seems they can manifest themselves in strange ways.

I noticed in your first post that you said there was an aftermarket slave in the vehicle. Did you happen to catch what kind? Non OEM slave cylinders have a track record for going bad in a matter of months - do a search for it. As much as I know you don't want to pull the tranny, that may very well be the source of your problem.

One last thing - your pedal height seems fine. With the factory clutch spring installed, the pedal sits way off the floor, but with it removed (tons of people do this and is recommended for a Tick Master), it sits almost exactly the same height as the brake pedal. Good luck!

05-09-2012, 12:14 PM
Thanks for the replies guys.The car had and still has a new generation s0421 slave which i believe is actually intended for the chevy trucks.When i had the trans out i measured for clearance between the PP and i had just over 3/16 with this slave .i also picked up an AP slave,the proper one for the car and i had zero free play so i didnt use it,i went with the 0421 and shimmed it 1/8 inch.One thing i didnt check though is the fully extended slave length on both units to make sure they extended the correct amount although at a quick glance they looked the same.
It seems as though the pedal has a slight amount of freeplay,then moves another 1 1/2 inches with light resistance then moves the rest of the way with proper tension.I may change the master today to see what happens,i hate throwing parts at it though,here in canada parts prices are an outright rip-off.Aftermarker master is $240 ,aftermarket slave $180 ,gm slave $385 etc etc !

There is another option i am considering,there is a semi local guy selling his stock clutch flywheel and slave from a low mile 04 vette,this stuff should all fit and will likely work better.

05-26-2012, 04:50 PM
Well,after reading all about the tick master cylinder on this forum i decded to try one befor i pull the trans again and install a stock clutch/pressure plate.Im happy to report that the tick solved all my problems,just wish i had of tried the tick first ! thanks tick and thanks to LS1TECH !!!!!!!!!!