View Full Version : 94 Z28, Ttop, M6, black.

05-08-2012, 11:01 AM
Looking at another one....

Black 94 z28, M6, Ttops (don't leak), 130k runs great, grey/black cloth interior in great shape, all stock besides electric water pump. New opti comes with it just incase it needs it.

Apparently the clutch is starting to go bad or he thinks something else with either the fluid or something - if you smash the gas the rpms go up higher than the car responds I guess... Other than that the car is all original in real good shape.

With that being said, what's this car worth? I'm in WI so this is like the ONLY M6 fbody around right now lol... sad.

I plan on doing full bolt on's in this car and 410 gears, maybe more in the future. It's gonna be a daily driver so not getting too crazy but want to have some fun. I already have a built 383 93 so I've got a ton of parts I can take off that and use on this. Gonna be sick.

With a not-too-crazy build, what clutch should I get if it ends up needing it, and how much will I spend? I'm gonna research right now but don't want to buy some crazy ass clutch if I won't need it for the power I'll be makin.