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05-08-2012, 04:14 PM
1971 Chevrolet Nova – Stock Suspension or 4 Link

Body / Interior
All Steel Body Except 4” Cowl Hood and Fiberglass bumpers
Have Fully Chromed Stock Bumpers and Steel Inner Fenders
Stock Dash, Door Panels, Rear Seat, Headliner, Steering Column, Stock Glass Windows
12 Point Steel Cage
Car weighs ~3400 lbs

Engine / Fuel / NOS
PAR 632 All Aluminum Conventional Heads 10.2 Deck
External Oil Pump
Moroso Aluminum Pan
AED Dominator setup for motor with VP C-16 Fuel
Nitrous Pro Flow Single Stage 4500 Cross Bar System with Burst Panels 350-600+HP
Edelbrock Progressive NOS Controller
Barry Grant BG400 Fuel Pump & Filter
MagnaFuel Regulators / Fuel Log

PowerGlide w/ Deadenbear Case and Tailshaft
B&M Shifter w/ Shifnoid

MSD 7531 Ignition
MSD Coil
MSD Crank Trigger
MSD Distributor
16 Volt – XS Power Batteries (2)

Wilwood Brakes and Master Cylinder
Wilwood Rack
Weld Racing Alumastar Wheels
New Goodyear Front Tires

Current – Stock Leaf Spring Perches – Landrum Springs and Sliders
Car Is Mini-Tubbed and was a full 4 link car prior.
I have all the 4 link parts to put right back to a 4 link car
9” rear end with Moser Axles
Afco Double Adjustable Rear Shocks
QA1 Coil Over Single Adjustable Front Shocks

1/8th Mile Times On 28” M/T Slick
Currently runs low 5.70’s on motor in 1/8th
Currently runs low 5.30’s on small progressive NOS
Car 60 ft’s in low 1.20’s
Car is capable of 5 teens or faster in 1/8th

Youtube of running

Email any questions to


Bryan @ Speed Inc.
05-08-2012, 04:58 PM
Gorgeous car! Good luck with the sale.

05-08-2012, 10:22 PM
Thanks Man! Wife wants a 38-42' Fountain so gotta let's go of some toys.