View Full Version : Anyone in the Cleavland Ohio Area willing to look at a car for me?

05-08-2012, 05:35 PM
Pretty much as the title says, I'm looking at purchasing a car in the Cleavland Ohio area and wanted to know if anyone was willing to go look it over for me. The guy has been very willing to send pictures and tell me about everything but I would like to have someone look it over in person as well. I figured having an LS1tech member do it would be helpful also since you guys know more or less what to look for too. I'm in Wisconsin so I would like to get a little better idea of it before I were to drive out there. I would prefer not to make a trip and not like it like I did the last time.

If anyone is willing to do this if you could pm me that would be awesome.

Edit: He is specifically in Eastlake, OH.