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05-18-2012, 02:50 AM
Posted this on S10 Forum, figured I would post it here as well since he is a member on here. He's known as XtremeRacer11 on S10Forum or as LS1Xtreme02 on here. He hasn't been active on either of these forums since 5/1/12

Link to profile ( on S10Forum

Link to profile ( on LS1Tech

Started contact with him about buying a set of 98-99 LS1 Camaro manifolds that can be seen here ( on 4/15/12. We agreed on a price of $65 shipped on 4/19/12 and I sent the money via paypal that same night 4/19/12 a total of $67.25 to even cover the paypal fees. So all's good.

Then on 4/25/12 I get a PM from him (can actually see all of the PM's we sent back and forth)...

Originally Posted by XtremeRacer11
Originally Posted by ZDiesel
Originally Posted by XtremeRacer11
Originally Posted by ZDiesel
Originally Posted by XtremeRacer11
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Originally Posted by XtremeRacer11
Originally Posted by ZDiesel
Take 50 shipped for the 98 f body manifolds? Using them for my swap, can chop off the exhaust tubing that's on it to make it more compact to ship. I'll be welding on new tubes anyways. let me know, have paypal!
i origionally wanted 75 + shipping so if possible i'd like to get at least $65 shipped...paypal is
Help a broke college kid out and meet me at $60 shipped? Can send money tonight
Hey bro I actually have a guy who might give me $75 shipped...he sent me a message this morning before I got your pm...I'll let you know if it falls through..
Hey fell through with the other guy..send the $65 and the manifolds are yours...again Paypal is
Money sitting in your paypal, thanks!

Also, I forgot to change the shipping address before I sent the money, send them to...

********(deleted for privacy)

Thanks again!
hey bro...i had a family emergency and had to leave out of town so i haven't been able to mail off the manifolds...i just got back today so i will be sending them off first thing tomorrow morning...again i'm sorry and hope u can understand...


Alright, family emergency that's fine. I'm in no rush I can understand you gotta do what you gotta do and family comes first. All cool with that, said he would ship them out the next morning. Mint. He's in texas, so they should show up at my door step in like a week's time. Come 5/6/12 manifolds still haven't shown up, so I drop him a PM asking where my manifolds are. No response, wait a couple days. 5/10/12 comes around I drop him another PM AND an sent an email cause I noticed he hadn't been on the forums since 5/1/12. Waited 5 days, still no response, so I went to paypal and filed a claim, and am escalating it to a paypal claim today to hopefully get this resolved and get my money back quicker.

So money sent on 4/19/12 and almost one month later 5/17/12, still no manifolds or cash back in my pocket. I'm hoping he pulls through because I hate to write bad feedback about people, but learn how to do business and learn how to do it properly god damn't.

ADDITIONALLY, just earlier today I had a member on S10Forum contact me with a link to his page on a social networking site, in which he has posted a status on 4/21/12 about arriving in Vegas, including a picture view from his hotel. Some family emergency, what a shit head.

05-18-2012, 12:08 PM
I sent him an email last night through his account on google+, he replied to me within a matter of an hour...

On May 18, 2012 2:05 AM, "zach sawyer" <> wrote:
Hey, Where are my manifolds at? I've been PM'ing you on S10Forum for the past 2 weeks with no response, even sent you an email through the forum to whatever email your account is linked to. No response, and no manifolds at my door, so I started a claim on paypal the other day. I started a thread both on S10Forum and LS1Tech about this transaction and my experience. Someone lead me to your page, and it seems as though you've been plenty active on here. Some family emergency in Las Vegas huh? I'm sick of this, I want my manifolds to show up, or I want all my money back so I can take it to someone who knows how to handle business.

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 3:12 AM, Robert Mata <> wrote:
Zack...I'm sorry bro...I know I haven't handled this well...not going to make up shit...I'm taking the manifolds to UPS tomorrow and we'll get you a tracking number...sorry for the hassle but I well get them out to you tomorrow...

zach sawyer
3:26 AM (8 hours ago)

to Robert
If you haven't shipped them out yet, don't even bother, just get on paypal and deal with the claim so I can get my money back and track down some other manifolds.

Ass even spelled my name wrong when it was clearly shown in the message, it spelled with an H damnt! lol

05-28-2012, 10:53 AM
No response back from him since that last email, paypal claim closed today and I have my money back!