View Full Version : Phastek install oracle halos on headlights and fogs for non RS camaro

05-23-2012, 10:33 AM
We recently installed some oracle halos in the headlights and foglights on a customers car and here are the pics of the install:

Remove the front fascia and headlights:

Bake the headlights in an oven and separate the lens from the housing install the rings and reseal the headlights. It's best to use clamps when resealing to ensure you get a good seal and keep moisture/ water out.

the fog light housings have to be cut with a band saw/ cutoff wheel to break the plastic melted seal

reassembled pic with the halo's off notice the individual smd leds :)

Pic of the headlight halo on

pic of the foglight halo on


the completed look

We also did some foot well lighting at the same time